Automatic Pick & Place Improves Production Efficiency

To provide more flexible and faster electronic manufacturing, Delta created a solution that can work on multiple conveyors at the same time. This automatic pick & place system meets the needs of manufacturers who demand high flexibility and efficiency.

by Marcello Ponte

To fulfil the needs of automatic production, Delta has provided a European electronics manufacturer with an automatic conveyor workpiece pick & place solution. This solution uses the Delta Compact Modular Mid-range PLC AS series as a master control. The Delta AC Servo Drive & Motor ASDA-A2 series controls conveyor motion. When the workpieces are conveyed to the proper position, the AS series sends signals to the robot controller with servo drive integrated ASDA-MS series, and the ASDA-MS series controls the Delta SCARA robot DRS60L series to pick up the workpieces and place them on another conveyor for further delivery. The conveyor keeps moving during the pick & place process, increasing production efficiency.

Data transmission via Ethernet/IP cable
This solution adopts Delta’s Compact Modular Mid-range PLC AS series as master control. Via its built-in CANopen communication network, the AS series delivers up to 8 Delta AC servo drives ASDA-A2 series positioning control with the AS-FCOPM communication card. Axis control using instructions enables easy maintenance and high PLC program readability. Equipped with the open industrial Ethernet communication protocol, the AS series connects and transmits data to the ASDA-MS series via an Ethernet/IP cable to simplify wiring preparation. The AS series’ software provides a consistent data exchange interface and a Delta equipment parameter list for quick and easy system configuration.

Programming is quick and easy
Delta’s SCARA robot DRS60L series features high repeatability and flexible performance. The robotic integration software adopts DROE with an agile environment for quick and simple robotic programming. The system also integrates the data and signals of peripheral devices to configure the user-defined interface. Based on their own needs, users can change workpieces easily for more flexible manufacturing.

Pick & place synchronized on multiple conveyors
The robot controller with servo drive integrated ASDA-MS series integrates robotic control and drive functions. It not only delivers accurate DRS60L series motion control, but also enhances real-time system calculation performance. This design perfectly fulfils the demands of an industrial robots’ complex non-linear system and realizes dynamic compensation to achieve high speed and high precision. The ASDA-MS series supports Ethernet and RS-485/232 communication protocols for fast peripheral devices integration. With the excellent speed, linearity, verticality and repeatability of the DRS60L series, this solution performs a rapid and synchronized pick & place operation across multiple conveyors for increased efficiency.