Robotic Innovations for Maximising Performance and Efficiency

At Motek 2019 Yamaha took five demonstration to present its robots with special design features that increase speed, simplify setup and maximise productivity, in particular using SCARA robots. Visitors had the opportunity to see also linear conveyor modules, multi-axis controllers and cartesian robots.

by Marta Bonaria

Yamaha Motor Europe Factory Automation Division showed how the latest robotic systems enable businesses to raise productivity, throughput and quality in key manufacturing processes, in demonstrations presented at Motek 2019 in Stuttgart, October 7-10. Visitors saw how the Yamaha range contains cartesian, SCARA, single-axis, and multi-axis robots in a variety of sizes to bring robot efficiencies to important industrial processes.

Five demonstrations showcased special design features
The first demonstration saw Yamaha’s LCM100 linear conveyor module, a scalable solution to workpiece transportation. Programmable speed, stop positions, and direction ensure smooth, high-speed motion without needing external sensors or mechanical stops. The flexibility of bidirectional movement enables efficient workflows free from duplicated processes. The LCM100’s rigid guides allow working directly on the module without unloading the workpiece, further reducing takt time.
In the second demonstration, visitors saw how the YK400XE features many state-of-the-art technologies that maximise reliability, minimise downtime, and ensure high capabilities and accuracy with maximum payload of 4 kg and maximum standard cycle time of 0.41 seconds.
A conveyor-tracking demonstration using a SCARA robot showed how unique features of Yamaha’s iVY2 camera and RCX340 controller simplify setting up and programming of machine vision, to save time and reduce reliance on specialist skills. Dedicated vision instructions consolidate signal processing on the RCX340, lowering hardware costs and significantly increasing system performance.
SCARA and cartesian robots, both made by Yamaha, demonstrated applying sealants to automotive parts, working together to maximise utilisation of the sealant dispenser resulting in faster cycle time and increased productivity.
The fifth demonstration showed how the RCX340 multi-axis controller maximises high-volume pick-and-place efficiency. Leveraging Yamaha’s on-the-fly vision knowhow, proven in high-speed electronic surface-mount assembly, the RCX340 can perform recognition, position correction, and parts loading continuously without stopping the robot motion.