An innovative vision system for robots

An innovative vision system for its range SCARA cartesian, orbital, single-, and multi-axis robots has been introduced by Yamaha Factory Automation Section: the iVY2 imaging system. It leverages dedicated vision instructions of Yamaha’s RCX340 multi-robot controller. The iVY2 system simplifies setup, accelerates performance and, also, brings vision into the overall robot-control program for ease of use and efficiency. iVY2 supports up to 5Mpixel cameras to allow high-resolution imaging for fast and stable workpiece detection. In addition, wizard-assisted auto-calibration and easy three-step workpiece registration eliminate laborious setup tasks.

Search time reduced up to 50%

Further features of the iVY2 vision system include an image-edge search engine that enhances part detection under difficult lighting conditions, and a DVI-I output that enables users to analyse search status at any time including during calibration or when the robot is operating automatically. There is also support for extra part types, with capacity to register up to 254 parts. Search time is reduced by up to 50%, which allows iVY2 to detect large numbers of conveyorized parts at high speed and thus enhance robot pickup. iVY2 comes with the iVY2 Studio graphical configuration and monitoring environment and Yamaha support services including preliminary vision-application assessment, equipment-selection advice, and training. A wide variety of equipment options is available, including CCD and CMOS cameras, standard and megapixel lenses, cables, and a dedicated lighting-control board and accessories.