Current clamp

With the VOLTCRAFT VC-337 current clamp, Conrad Electronic offers the first current measuring instrument with ultra-thin jaws. Users who choose the VC-337 tester are able to access individual wires between the cable duct and contactors much more easily than is possible with conventional current clamps, and have an ideal solution for measuring high cable density installations in control cabinets. This is possible thanks to the measuring space of the current clamp has a diameter of 5.5 mm and it is also possible to position it at an angle. Therefore, the VC-337 tester is suitable for cables with a cross-section of up to 6 mm2.
The VOLTCRAFT VC-337 current clamp with 4,000 measured values complies with the CAT II 600V and CAT III 300V measurement categories and is suitable for non-contact measurement of direct and alternating currents from 0.001 to 40 A.