How to Repair Smartphones Automatically

Interroll collaborated with Logstore to develop a 4.0 modular transport system for the Grupo PLL mobile phones and smartphones repair centre in São Paulo. The system implemented was customized to the needs of the Brazilian company, and designed to be energy efficient.

by Aldo Biasotto

Interroll and Logstore realized a new repair centre for Grupo PLL, the largest authorized service centre for mobile phones and smartphones in Brazil. The facility in São Paulo, Brazil, applies an advanced Factory Repair Service concept whereby all device repair steps are automated at the same pace as within the electronics assembly industry. One key element of this high-performance solution is Interroll’s Modular Conveyor Platform (MCP) which allows monthly handling of up to 24,000 cell phones in two work shifts. Moreover, the automated factory design makes it possible to provide same-day deliveries of repaired phones to the owner within the city area of São Paulo.
As an integral part of the headquarters of Grupo PLL in the Moema region of São Paulo, the repair centre offers a new experience and a high-quality service standard to the consumer, focusing on the triad: efficiency, technology and scale. “With our new facility we wanted to dramatically increase our performance by avoiding complex manual internal processes. Our goal was to realize a highly advanced solution which is also unique in Latin America,” said Lucas Linhares, Managing Partner of Grupo PLL.

A project that follows the dictates of Industry 4.0
The design of the new repair centre follows the industrial Factory Repair Service concept and was implemented by Logstore, the system integrator responsible for this project.
The project was carefully and holistically planned – from furniture design to automated conveyor systems. It gained its specific strength by receiving Industry 4.0 attributes and by transforming the retail services in omnichannel through advanced technological solutions. Conveyors were built into the furniture, thereby making the whole system minimalist. With the technologies applied, a real Industry 4.0 concept was created where everything is connected, has high energy efficiency, and can be easily refurbished or expanded without replacing existing conveyors, making this a sustainable project.

A personalized and sustainable system
To seamlessly integrate into the whole concept behind the PLL solution, Interroll has customized the conveyors to a width of 50 cm so that they can later circulate notebooks and drones. The system was equipped with 24V RollerDrive technology to reduce the noise level as well as the power consumption, boosting the system’s efficiency and increasing the overall sustainability of the 300-square-meter repair lab.
In addition to the RollerDrive technology, the MCP from Interroll is equipped with image barcode scanning systems and uses 24V high-performance diverts (HPDs). The new system has been designed to support a monthly transport capacity of up to 24,000 cell phones using two work shifts. It is entirely managed by software developed by Logstore that regulates the automatic transportation of mobile phones between repair cells.