Piezo ultrasound elements for biomedical engineering

Haelium Medical, Israeli start-up specialized in biomedical engineering technology, has won the first prize at ICI 2019 Innovation Award Competition, Innovation in Cardiovascular Interventions section. The start-up won a cash prize of $100,000 for its new treatment technology of atrial fibrillation. Piezo ultrasound elements from PI play an important role in the new treatment method.

Piezoelectric components essential for treatment

Healium Medical has now developed a non-contact guided ablation system for the treatment of this disease. The company develops transcatheter ultrasound technology enabling rapid, non-contact circumferential pulmonary vein isolation with real-time lesion monitoring. The goal is to improve procedure efficacy, simplify procedure flow and shorten procedure time. Healium Medical’s solution addresses the key limitations of the technology currently used in AF ablation by allowing no-tissue contact and gap free ablation with real-time lesion quality assessment. The Contactless Guided Ablation technology leverages ultrasound energy to deliver and monitor the precise energy needed for safe and rapid lesion formation around the pulmonary veins. For that purpose, the ultrasonic transducers from PI Ceramic are used.