Pression and temperature sensor

Wenglor Sensoric presented its sensor series weFlux2, which allows to measure both pression and temperature with only one device, combining the electronics and the analysis unit in a single body.

Based on patented measurement technology, weFlux2 sensors, able to simultaneously acquire two quantities, represent a solution that makes it possible to halve the number of measuring points, reducing the economic and technical effort in terms of installation, configuration and maintenance. At the same time, reducing the number of sensors for fluids monitoring (liquids and gases) is in line with the trend towards more and more compact systems and machines. All of the sensors included in the weFlux² series are equipped with the most up-to-date IO-Link version 1.1. They can be used to acquire all relevant process values such as pressure, flow and temperature.
Using the wTeach2 software, process parameters can be set quickly and the switching points can be shown in the corresponding graphic diagrams. The system also offers a range of tools to perform data analysis and support the operator in achieving maximum plant availability. In combination with wenglor’s wTeach2 software, a complete digital platform is created, which is able to supply intelligence to machines and plant, as well as full end-user support with tools to process and present acquired data, including diagnostic data, in real time. This makes it possible to achieve higher levels of efficiency in terms of both production and maintenance, as the systems are constantly monitored and protected from damage.