Programming robots by means of a tablet

To make robot installation and programming easier, FANUC has developed the iRProgrammer, a software that works on both tablets and notebooks. Originally designed for use on the new SCARA robots, the programming software has now been made available to all industrial and collaborative robots included in by the Japanese company portfolio.

The iRProgrammer is the ideal tool for making program changes to existing systems. Basically, three types of operations are foreseen: creation and modification of robot programs, execution of these programs and modification of the basic settings. Several elements already known from modern PC or smartphone interfaces are “integrated” into the corresponding menu interfaces. The interface is then extremely familiar, a very important requirement in order to make a new programming software widespread and accepted.

In terms of security, there is no need to install additional software on the PC or tablet, as a website points to the IP address of the robot and can only be accessed via a defined tablet, thus preventing unauthorized access to the robot from other devices.