Rotary table for fluid dispensing

ISCRA dielectrics, official distributor in Italyof Fisnar Europe dispansing solutions, presents the F1300 robot, an effective, accurate and reliable solution for fluid dispensing in circular pattern. It is a rotary table dispensing system, easy to program and use, equipped with a rotating platform for a 360° dispensing of adhesives, silicones, greases and lubricants. The equipment is supplied with dispenser control.
The models of the series are completely adjustable as for rotation speed, rim diameter and rotation time and are available with one or two dispensing stations. It is also possible to use barrels, cartridges or valves mounted on the Z-axis support. Thanks to the intuitive and user-friendly HMI display, it is also possible to program parameters such as the dosage and rotation delay, the rotation angle and the waiting time before the automatic cycle starts. The Z-axis tilt is easily adjusted to dispense either on a vertical wall within a cylindrical part or on an outside wall.