Simple, Functional and Economical, Here is the Solution for Circular Dosing

ISCRA dielectrics presents F1300N, a specific unit for circular dosing developed by Fisnar Europe of which the Venetian company is the exclusive distributor for Italy. This is a specific benchtop unit for the circular delivery of fluids such as adhesives, silicones, greases and lubricants which can be used both stand-alone and integrated in more complex systems. It ensures numerous benefits.

by Lorenzo Benarrivato

Circular dosing may not always be so quick and easy. Normally, robotic dosing systems available on the market move on Y, X, Z axes. With these systems, circular shapes are possible only by setting programs that require particular skills and longer cycle time due to any recovery operations necessary to reach particularly difficult spots.
Meeting market needs, Fisnar Europe, a leading company in the manufacturing of equipment and systems for dosing fluids, has studied and created a specific unit for circular dosing; a solution that proves not only effective and reliable, but also particularly economical. It is F1300N, distributed in Italy by ISCRA dielectrics, a Venetian company that has been operating in the electronics and electromechanics sector for over thirty years as the official distributor of Fisnar Europe as regards dosing systems and distributor of insulation materials, such as resins thermosets, special adhesives, technical adhesive tapes and products for the assembly of printed circuits.

Compact and performing both stand-alone and integrated into more complex lines
The F1300N rotary table is presented as a specific benchtop unit for the circular delivery of fluids such as adhesives, silicones, greases and lubricants. It has a compact structure (350 x 433 x 575 mm) that weighs only 11 kg, easy to position and transport in case of need. It was created as a stand-alone device, complete with dispensing controller, but it can also be integrated in a more complex system, customized according to customer needs thanks to the knowledge and assistance of ISCRA dielectrics technicians.
The equipment consists of a rotating platform on which to lodge the object to be worked or optional equipment suitable for the application to be performed. The turntable is fully adjustable in terms of rotation speed, rim diameter and rotation time.
The adjustment of the height of the dosing nozzle along the Z axis allows it to dose in various heights as needed; syringes, cartridges or valves can be used. The inclination of the Z axis can be easily adjusted to dispense on vertical walls inside or outside a cylindrical part. Dosing is precise and clean, also thanks to a system for bleeding the fluid at the end of the cycle.

The user interface is easy and intuitive
The dedicated software has been developed to allow easy and intuitive programming. Up to 9 programs can be stored and quickly recalled. The models in the series are fully adjustable in terms of rotation speed, rim diameter and rotation time. Thanks to the user-friendly HMI display, it is possible to easily and intuitively set parameters such as dosing and rotation delay, rotation angle and waiting time before the start of the automatic cycle.
A typical example of system configuration includes the supply of fluid through tanks or extrusion pumps connected to the input equipment and the use of a dosing valve specifically selected based on the output application.
The feeding through tanks or extrusion pumps, unlike the traditional syringe system, allows the continuous use of the equipment with no need to refill the syringe from time to time with a considerable saving of time. ISCRA dielectrics has numerous types of pressure tanks, built in stainless steel, painted steel or anodized aluminum and extrusion pumps of various sizes. The tanks are available in different versions: with product outlet at the top or bottom of the tank and with different capacities: 2, 10, 20, 40 l and, finally, 60 l. Depending on the type of material to be fed, one or two tanks are needed depending on whether the product is mono or bi-component (resin and hardener).

The most suitable dosing valve stems from partnership with the customer
In the final stage of the system, i.e. dosing, a specific valve is selected based on the processing and viscosity of the liquid among a wide range of possibilities: valves for high viscosity materials, poppet valves for small doses, membrane valves for volatile fluids and UV resins, pinch valves for volatile and cyanoacrylate fluids, needle valves for points, screw valves for high viscosity fluids as part of welding or brazing.
Selecting the correct valve therefore requires collaboration between the customer and the supplier. ISCRA dielectrics, in addition to making available its many years of knowledge in the sector, also make it possible to carry out feasibility tests in its own laboratory. This is also one of the many benefits that the F1300N system offers to those needing to dose any type of fluid in a circular shape: high dosing precision, safety and process reproducibility, reduced production time, constant and high quality of the dosing cord, easy use of the process.