Special Debuts for an Expanding Range

Two models of Fanuc robots with great potential – the SCARA SR-6iA with 6 kg payload and the collaborative CR-15iA that fits between the high-payload model and those addressed to light handling – have made their Italian debut at BI-MU. The offer of the Japanese manufacturer is further completed as well as more and more focused on supporting the practical application issues of customers.

by Giorgia Stella

Autumn is time for novelties in the Fanuc range, talking about robots with medium or low payloads. At the BI-MU 2018, the Japanese manufacturer has put on display the latest robot models, alongside the broad range of solutions for machine tools tending. Starting from the SCARA SR-6iA, joining the appreciated SR-3iA. The new 4-axis robot has a 6 kg payload, a horizontal stroke of 650 mm, a vertical stroke of 210 mm and the following repeatability: ±0.01 (J1, J2, J3); ±0.004 (J4). The robot is particularly suitable for pick & place, assembly operations, as well as loading/unloading on test or inspection machines.
“Two of the main features of the Fanuc SCARA are the R-30iB Compact Plus controller with very small footprint, which therefore makes integration into existing lines easier, as well as the ability to program the robot through a web page”, says Vera Mariani, Business Development & Communication Manager at Fanuc Italia, whom we met at BI-MU. “Thanks to the iRProgrammer software, you only need an Internet connection and a browser to program the robot from a PC or a tablet”.

The medium-sized collaborative robot
The new Fanuc CR-15iA collaborative robot – covered with a soft green rubber that softens the impact in case of an accidental crush and has no edges or potentially dangerous angles – completes the range of collaborative robots by standing between the available lightweights models, with 4 and 7 kg payload, and the CR-35iA with higher payload.
The market of collaborative robots is quite lively and rapidly changing”, adds Mrs Mariani. “Fanuc is working very closely with system integrators and customers to create and provide solutions that can really solve practical application issues”. Designed for several applications, including handling, palletizing and testing, and featured by ease of use that simplifies the work of operators, the CR-15iA robot has a payload of 15 kg, a reach of 1,441 mm, maximum vertical range of 2,413 mm and repeatability of ± 0.02. Compact, with a base of 346 x 346 mm, the robot can be mounted on the floor, ceiling and corner, thus being flexibly and versatile to nearly all work environments.

From the application to the choice of the robot
The fact that, within the wide Fanuc robot offer, traditional and collaborative robots coexist is a proof of the company’s approach on the market. “The customers’ needs are of course the starting point. Together with system integrators, we work with customers and try to find always the best solution. Fanuc robots are featured by some possible performances. They are not created to be used for a limited and pre-defined range of applications. In order for the robot to ensure the best result, it is necessary to know how to choose the application, how to integrate the robot and make it work at best”, summarizes Fanuc Italia’s Business Development & Communication Manager.