The M²A Mechatronic Network is Born

The project, supported by AIdAM under the patronage of MIUR, goes in the direction of a closer collaboration between companies in the sector and the world of education, with an open education system to spread the know-how of companies.

by Giordano Bracco

The Constituent Assembly of the M²A Mechatronic Network met in Rome on September 25th, a project with revolutionary goals, supported by AIdAM with the support of MIUR.
The idea came from a situation detected quite frequently by entrepreneurs in the sector, who complained about the existence of an important gap between their professional needs and the often incomplete preparation of young technicians. The primary purpose of the program was, therefore, outlined in the creation of a dynamic collaboration network between the companies in the mechatronic sector and the schools, primarily technical institutes, whose mission is to train the human resources needed by the companies. Not just experts, however, but highly specialized technicians, who immediately had the right tools and essential knowledge to solve the problems of a complex business environment.

The four directions emerged from the first test
Once the objective was identified, an experiment was started in December 2018. It involved four institutes: ITIS Paleocapa of Bergamo, ITIS Marconi of Dalmine (BG), ITIS Galilei of Rome and ITIS Monaco of Cosenza.
Since then, many meetings have been held between school managers and entrepreneurs associated with AIdAM, to define together priorities, goals and lines of action to be implemented. On September 25, 2019, almost two years later, the representatives of 65 technical institutes located throughout the national territory met in the Aldo Moro MIUR conference hall to take stock of the experiment and participate in the official launch of the Network Mechatronics.
The guidelines that emerged from this first test are four: guidance, a prerequisite for re-launching and enhancing the reputation of technical institutes, to be strengthened starting from middle schools; the guidelines, useful for drawing up the programs to be studied in the classroom and to be shared with the teachers, who will then have the task of pass them to their students; the manual on mechatronics, a completely new vademecum of its kind, conceived by AIdAM and created with the contribution of leading companies in the sector, to provide an overview of the technologies on the market; the workshops in which pupils can operatively put into practice what they have learned in the books.

An open education system
In short, a true system of open education that allows for the dissemination of know-how and a real alignment of school and business. The road ahead is certainly long, but the determination of entrepreneurs, the enthusiasm of teachers and the curiosity of the new generations are all the ingredients necessary to determine the success of this far-sighted initiative.