The New Concept Combines Practicality, Character and Ergonomics

In order to provide further evidence of technological evolution, along with the development of the most innovative digital technologies, Cosberg decided to start off a study aimed at improving the aesthetics and functionality of its plants. Specifically, they aim at obtaining a design which combines practicality, character and ergonomics.

by Mario Lepo

Industrial design identifies the use of applied arts and sciences aimed at improving aesthetics, ergonomics, functionality and/or usability, production and marketability of a product. The designer’s role is therefore that of developing and substantiating solutions for issues concerning form, usability, physical ergonomics, marketing and sales. But design has a much more ample and technical meaning: it includes the relationship between the product and its user and the entire study of its construction process, including its life cycle. The design of a product is therefore the result of the analysis of all the construction properties which define the product itself.
Cosberg is fully aware of this, and, along with the exploration and development of such technologies as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and evolved Monitoring Systems, which are increasingly decisive these days, it has been strongly committed to improving the design of its machines and solutions. We are talking about the most tangible aspect of its creations, on which it decided to place its bets to provide further evidence of its evolution. All of this stems from the fact that the ongoing transformation – which will lead us directly to the smart factories about to inhabit our future – should proceed in parallel from a physical and a virtual/digital standpoint; this is therefore the reason which led Cosberg to invest even in a study aimed at improving the aesthetics and functionality of its products. Specifically, they aim at obtaining a design which will be able to combine practicality, character and ergonomics.

The first concept has already taken shape
The result of the study led to a solution capable of ensuring easy inspection , characterized by a strong, scalable and linear structure, which indeed satisfies the most current requisites in terms of functionality. “For us, machine manufacturers -Michele Viscardi, Cosberg’s Business Development Director, stated – this concept is strictly linked to two themes which are increasingly proving essential for the industry, that is, the flexibility and reconfigurability of machines: two principles which the new appearance should not only respect, but must absolutely facilitate as much as possible”.
“The study for the new Cosberg machines has already begun – Viscardi continued – and a first concept, developed for us by a professional designer, has already come to life. At the SPS trade show in Parma we exhibited a scale model of a first draft: a project which, although it is still at an early stage, represents well the path which we intend following to reach the objectives we described before”.