The Right Partner to Approach Italy

Among the novelties at the start of the year, Doosan Robotics and its collaborative robots stand out. A direct derivation of the Doosan Corporation regarding all that concerns the word of robotics, the Korean giant’s name is relatively new to the European market where it has been present for roughly a couple of years, but it is totally news for the Italian robotics scenario. This news was revealed by Homberger, chosen by Doosan Robotics to distribute its products on what is considered one of the markets with the highest application potential in Europe as regards collaborative robotics.

by Lorenzo Benarrivato

Thanks to its 110 years of history, Homberger, through its Robotics division, was chosen by Doosan Robotics to support and promote on the Italian market a range of cobots which was pinpointed as the world’s most diversified during the latest edition of Automatica, with a workload capacity ranging from 6 to 15 kg and an operating range from 0.9 to 1.7 metres.
“We take pride in having been chosen by Doosan Robotics since we have been evaluated on account of our corporate solidity, for our knowledge and for our ongoing development project”, Gianni Ossola, Sales Manager at Homberger, explained. “This certifies our structure and, above all, the excellent work done during these two years by our Robotics Division which, in spite of its young age, stood out, from the very beginning, for its professional skills, reliability and capability of supporting and accompanying the client in every process requirement”.

Not ordinary dealers
“Of course, Doosan Robotics’s decision motivates us – Gianni Ossola continued – because the medium-long term objective is rather ambitious and there is no lack of competitors. We are however the ideal structure to deal with the Italian market in a flexible way with a different approach whereby we shall act as “ordinary” dealers but also as real System Integrators capable of providing the client with a service aimed at the feasibility of its application by means of executive studies, practical lab tests and a search for new resolving technologies which at the same time broaden our network of skills”.
“For this reason – Ossola continued – we may count on a team of persons who are well prepared and, that notwithstanding, are constantly undergoing professional training as well as on a range of four machines characterized by a good price/performance ratio and by innovative construction choices from different standpoints, from design – which won the “Red Dot award” for two years running (2017 and 2018) – to the highest payload on the market, with model M1509 supporting 15 kg, and on to model M0617 which thanks to its 1.7-metre arm, is an authoritative candidate to the title of most efficient cobot for all palletizing operations.

Safe collaborative applications
The conditions for an excellent job are all there, including technological partnerships. Homberger may therefore approach the market suggesting collaborative applications and not just collaborative robots, even though their quality is certified as in the case of Doosan Robotics solutions. “Our market approach – Ossola continued – will be based on the quality of our products and on the safety of the solutions which we suggest. Safety for us is a key word, indeed, even though we value the expression “collaborative application”, we endeavour to turn it into the paradigm “Safe Collaborative Application™”, that is, one wit the minimum residual risk for the operator; this will be one of our primary objectives ”. The revolution require by Industry 4.0 – Ossola concluded – is in actual fact a process which is still ongoing even in Italy and the cobot is one of the key players in this new automation process which envisages collaborative production systems where “augmented” operators – relieved from low added value tasks – are free to think and create safely.