Thermal imaging camera for diagnostics

RS Components distributes the FLIR TG275 thermal imaging camera, designed to support maintenance and repair technicians, who are thus able to speed up diagnostic procedures and correctly detect any malfunction. Thanks to the combination of non-contact temperature measurement and thermal images, it helps technicians to define the necessary repairs, identify potential failures and record images. This thermal imaging camera is ideal for diagnosing problems on relays and switches, leakages draining the battery, transmission components, air conditioner and much more.
The technical features of the TG275 thermal imaging camera include an infrared camera with a resolution of 19,200 pixels and a temperature range from -25 to + 550° C. The product benefits of sharp visual details thanks to the FLIR MSX (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging) technology, which makes it possible to embed the border and outline details on the thermograms. Images are displayed on a brightly colored 2.4-inch LCD screen.
Other specifications include: a 57° × 44° field of view (FOV) and a thermal sensitivity of less than 70 mK; ± 1.5° C (+50 to 100° C) and up to ± 3° C (-25° to + 550° C) temperature measurement accuracy. The product features a sturdy, drop-proof design, with an IP54 protection rating, which protects the thermal imager from dirt, dust and oily products.